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Services- Caters Services for Indoor, Outdoor Birthday & Wedding Parties 

Noida caterers is a leading catering and event organization company in Noida with an exceptional track record of 15 years supplying specialized and outstanding catering services. We are known for making the full assortment of attractions from customized parties to unforgettable wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate events catering, and other events.

We Undertake 

• 1. Outdoor Catering
• 2. Private Parties
• 3. Wedding catering
• 4. Birthday Party
• 5. Engagements
• 6. Corporate Parties
• 7. Formal Dinners
• 8. Anniversaries
• 9. Theme Parties and many more

Outdoor Catering 

We implement a thoroughly comprehensive outdoor catering service, including a diversity of foods and drinks. Our team of well-experienced party caterers specialized in planning outdoor caterings. Our professional outdoor caterers furnish us with the right accessories for any concerns or possible circumstances that may develop. Casting outdoor catering for your event means that you will have to administer with fundamental elements that may ensue outdoors, such as rain, wind, or dew falling. We make sure the event will be completed according to the plan and make it a success. We surmise the client's demand for superior outdoor catering services.

Private parties 

We administer extensive catering services for private parties/theme parties throughout Noida, Indirapuram, and Vaishali. Whether your event is a petite intimate reception or a sumptuous upscale party, our menu is assured to be the talk of the party. Our team specialized in throwing various theme and private parties and executed many establishing an excellent reputation for our company and the party itself for the great food and execution.

Wedding/Engagement catering 

Everyone wants to make his or her wedlock commemoration the most memorable event of life. For that, it is of utmost importance to personalize the arrangement of marriage. The wedding is a distinctive bit that marks the commencement of a new life together. These moments included customs, traditions, and observances, including rendezvous and wedding commemorations. To make this propitious event of your lifetime unforgettable, our team will provide you with the outstanding characteristic of assistance and erudition you merit. Whether you are framing an elaborate summertime occurrence under a gorgeous striped tent or a private installation in your living room, or you are dreaming of a royal wedding, select the wedding destination and venue. Every aspect must speculate about the consequence of the day. Our dynamic team affiliates are ready to assist your marriage instant with glory and pomps, which you love. Our wedding catering services in the Noida team will oversee you with preferred standards of appetizing & quality cuisine and catering for an extensive range of various foods. 


Birthday is one of the most beautiful days for oneself throughout the year. It may be your child's first birthday, your parent's birthday, partner's birthday, or anyone else; we got you covered. We will provide you with the best catering services and delicious food and make the event a huge success. With our exceptional service, we will make you remember the occasion until their many birthdays to come.


We endure expertise in administering business catering services. We evaluate clients' commodity advancements, expositions, parleys, assemblages, formal or informal functions. We continuously endeavor to make your experience successful by providing all requisite services.


An anniversary party marks a once-in-a-lifetime significance for an espoused couple. Whether you are projecting an exorbitant party or a moreover intimate gathering, we accommodate your needs by providing the best food produced according to the ones taste and make the day more memorable.

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